Unshackled Potential (IHP-download)

Unshackled Potential (IHP-download)
Unshackled Potential (IHP-download) Unshackled Potential (IHP-download) Unshackled Potential (IHP-download) Unshackled Potential (IHP-download) Unshackled Potential (IHP-download)
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Unshackled Potential: The Impact of Relationship Education on Incarcerated Populations represents an integration of quantitative and qualitative data (i.e., a mixed-method study) collected from inmates in correctional institutions who volunteered to complete a brief outcome evaluation survey after participating in Relationship Education (RE) classes taught through Healthy Relationships California (HRC).  The evaluation was conducted to understand the potential benefits of RE for incarcerated individuals, especially concerning their family relationships, recidivism, and employment.

The RE courses were taught to men and women in six correctional facilities in California from November 2012 through May 2014. Due to the timeframe of this study, the data draw upon information gathered at only a fraction of the correctional institutions in which HRC has taught RE classes.

Results from the mixed-method study provide evidence for the benefits of RE in promoting successful relationships during incarceration and after, reducing criminality and recidivism, promoting successful employment, and promoting the personal growth of the participants.

The findings presented in this report highlight the skills and abilities the participants gained from participating in a relatively brief RE course for the expected outcomes of relationship skills, avoiding criminiality, and likelihood of successful employment.  Results from all categories of participants and across all ethnicities, including Hispanics and African Americans, were uniformly positive, with similar benefits for both men and women.

Overall, the quantitative results reveal:

  • 84% reported that RE will help "Very much" or "A lot" with their relationships
  • 65% reported that RE will help "Very much" or "A lot" with avoiding criminality
  • 65% reported that RE will help "Very much" or "A lot" with successful employment

Importantly, the qualitative results provide additional information that illuminates the key benefits of RE that are the most meaningful for participants with regard to their relationships, avoiding criminality, and employment.

These qualitative results showed positive personal development across three dimensions:

  • Better impulse control and anger management including an increased ability to stop and think before making decisions
  • Increased empathy for others including the ability to understand and take into consideration another person's thoughts and feelings
  • Overall character development including personal growth in ways that participants believe will improve their lives

The testimonies and other qualitative data shared in this report are recorded exactly as written by the participants themselves. While the writing skills of many are limited, their enthusiasm for what Relationship Education is doing for their lives is not.


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