Customizing Products

Most of the products in the Download Center & Resource Store are meant to be customized!

Healthy Relationships California designed all of the Promo Materials and many of the Research-Studies products with all of this (and more) in mind.


Customizing Downloads:

Products that are downloaded are in an Adobe PDF file. The only difference between IHP (in-house print) and CP (commercial print) files are the crop marks.

Customization can occur in the white space areas of the promotionals only (read more about restrictions related to downloads in Terms & Conditions >>).

Publishing software such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Photoshop Elements, and other software will allow you to add text and images (such as a logo) into the white space areas prior to printing.  To save time, you may want to hire a graphic designer to add the text and images into the promotionals. If the printing is being done by a commercial printer, they should have the ability to add content to the promotionals prior to printing.


Customizing Hard Copies:

Hard copy products (posters, brochures, registration forms) are shipped flat.  When customizing hard copy products, many can be printed on with an in-house, laser printer while others use a label (touch cards, Healthy Marriages booklets).


Printing Instructions

(1) Determine the printable areas.

(2) Create a special template (in Word, Publisher or comparable software) that aligns with the printable areas in the promotional.

(3) Insert text and images into the template.

(4) Place promtionals into printer and print template directly onto promotional. (Note: test print first to make sure customized content prints correctly).

(5)  Print the quantity of promotionals you need to market your event.


Printing Labels

(1) Determine the maximum size of label that will fit (either standard address label or 2X4)

(2) Create a label template (in Word, Publisher or comparable software) to print labels by the sheet.

(3)  Insert text and images into the template.

(4) Test print on a single sheet to ensure printing within label margins.

(5) Print the quantity of labels you need.

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