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The faith community plays a pivotal role in strengthening marriages and reducing family breakdown!  

With these How-To Kits, Healthy Relationships California (HRC) assists you and your house of worship to play a key role in bolstering marriages.  Not for our sake …but yours and the couples and families you serve!  Stronger marriages make families healthier.  Healthy families make houses of worship stronger.  Stronger houses of worship make communities healthier.

According to CHMC's 2008 survey of California adults*:

  • 75% of weddings are officiated by a minister, clergy or priest.
  • 85% of Californians believe faith-based organizations (including churches and  houses worship) should offer relationship and marriage education programs.
  • Two-thirds of California adults who belong to a local faith community believe that churches and religious organizations should “do more to offer programs that help couples who are experiencing difficulties in their marriage.”

There are two How-To Kits to guide churches through the steps and best practices to launch and expand a marriage ministry.

  • First Steps to Launch a Marriage Ministry
  • Guide to Developing Your Marriage Ministry


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How-To Kit: First Steps to Launch a Marriage Ministry
Make your church less vulnerable by proactively focusing on improving the health and quality of y..
How-To Kit: Guide to Developing Your Marriage Ministry
Healthy marriages are the basis of healthy families, which are the basis of healthy congregations..
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