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Welcome to the Download Center & Resource Store … an online site operated by Healthy Relationships California (HRC)!

The Download Center & Resource Store is made up of electronic products and hard copy resources developed by Healthy Relationships California (HRC).  Due to the volume of requests for many of these items, this site (RelationshipsCA.org/store) has been created to simplify the process to download design files and order quantities of hard copy promotional materials and/or research resources developed.

Save time, money and resources with these professionally-designed, full-color print pieces.  No designer costs to pay…no expensive stock photos to buy…no loss of time recreating the wheel!

The Download Center & Resource Store features over 100 different Promo Materials and more than 20 different Research-Studies products.  This online resource site gives you:

VARIETY: Find a wide selection of promotional materials for several popular Relationship and Marriage Education curricula, including Mastering the Mysteries of Love, World Class Marriage, PAIRS Essentials, Raising Kids Twogether, and 10 Great Dates.  Most materials are in English and Spanish.

OPTIONS: Choose files to download and print with an in-house printer or commercial printer or order as many hard copy resources as you want to be conveniently shipped to your door for one low shipping price.

PERSONALIZATION: Brand the promotional materials with your logo, program details and your contact info. Customization cannot occur on this site. You must have access to software that can edit Adobe PDF files.

CONVENIENCE: Register as a user and then select as many items you want, choose the quantity (of hard copy products) you need, and feel free to return as often as you like with your user name and password.

SECURE CHECK OUT: If your order is made up of free downloads, inexpensive hard copies, or a mixture of paid and free products, use the convenient online shopping cart and know that your check out is easy, safe, and protected.



Because Federal funding was used by HRC to develop most of these products, HRC is able to provide the artwork and array of print and electronic templates free of charge (and for a modest cost for hard copies).  There are, however, some legal and implementation conditions that must be followed.

As the originator and owner of these materials, HRC is legally responsible and liable for the proper use of the images used within the different products. To ensure message consistency, marketing integrity, and legal compliance, HRC makes the design files and templates available under the following conditions:

1. Digital files of the artwork, templates, pictures, fonts, color schemes and messaging cannot be deconstructed, omitted, edited, changed or manipulated in any way without written approval from HRC.

2. Using graphics, photographs and images from any of the downloaded materials for any other purpose is prohibited.

3. The only content changes that can be made to the promotional materials are in the designated white/blank spaces on the brochures, posters and touch cards.

4. The promotional materials may not be used in part or in whole for any other purposes other than what is explicitly approved, and according to the ways for which the pieces were originally designed for.  Any changes must be requested and approved in writing.

5. The statement, “Materials produced by” with the California Healthy Marriages Coalition logo, the HRC logo, the HRC website, and the Government tagline (i.e., the ACF disclaimer) must all remain on the materials.  By no means can these be altered, adjusted, moved, resized, minimized or changed.

6. Downloaded files cannot be shared with other organizations via email, file sharing sites or copying files. Please refer interested parties to RelationshipsCA.org/store.

PLEASE NOTE: Downloadable files are available in two formats:

#1) In-house print files are intended to be printed with a standard, color, laser printer (designated with IHP in the item name).

 #2) Commercial print files have the crop marks and are sized and designed to be printed with a commercial printer (designated with CP in the item name).

Any customization to the promotional materials must be done with software that enables the user to modify and edit Adobe PDF files.

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