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Hundreds of Healthy Marriage Coalitions and Initiatives throughout California and across the country share a common mission - to strengthen marriages and reduce family breakdown!

Why help marriages become healthier? Because stronger marriages make healthier families. Stronger families make healthier communities. Stronger communities make a healthier society. Healthier marriages, families, communities and society protect all our children, and help them become healthier, stronger and happier.

Healthy Relationships California (HRC) has created public awareness campaign templates, tools and resources that are available to Healthy Marriage Coalitions and Initiatives.

CHMC’s “…because of ME!” (BOM) Campaign is touted as an innovative and highly effective public awareness campaign on the importance of Marriage Education (ME). The BOM Campaign Marketing Materials include print marketing (billboards, bus signs, yard signs, kiosk signs) and electronic advertisements (internet banner ads, interactive banner ads, Ultramercials ®).

Because Federal funding was used by HRC to develop the BOM Marketing Materials, we are able to provide the artwork and array of print and electronic templates to you free of charge.

Due to the volume of requests for the BOM Campaign from around the United States, a website ( is being developed to complement the national campaign by providing couples and leaders with (1) information on the importance of ME for couples, communities and society, (2) information about ME programs and real couple experiences, (3) links to BOM Campaign Sponsors at the local/regional/state level.

HRC is pleased to make the “…because of ME!” Campaign available to organizations across the country. This Request Form is designed to enable CHMC to help you in planning, coordinating and launching the “…because of ME!” Campaign.

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