How to Change Your Partner


How many times have you tried to “change” your partner? Do you hint, nag, complain, guilt trip, intimidate, threaten, or give ultimatums? We all do it! My husband used to use humor during serious conversations or sensitive moments. I would ask him to stop, but that would cause him to do it more. With a stronger tone, an angrier face and with firm posture I would tell him to stop. But that would make him [...] Read more »

How 3 Women Treated Their Depression and Improved Their Marriage Too


Three women treated their depression that didn’t involve a doctor, therapy or drugs.  It was a Relationship Education class of all things. The following women recently attended a Relationship Education class sponsored by Healthy Relationships California: ✦“Relationship Education helped me with my husband because I was seriously depressed before. When my husband would tell me something I would get very angry and yell. Before I was very jealous and we fought a lot and now [...] Read more »

Those Aren’t Fighting Words, Dear (NY Times)


“Let’s say you have what you believe to be a healthy marriage. You’re still friends and lovers after spending more than half of your lives together. The dreams you set out to achieve in your 20s — gazing into each other’s eyes in candlelit city bistros when you were single and skinny — have for the most part come true. Two decades later you have the 20 acres of land, the farmhouse, the children, the [...] Read more »

Couple Wins $1000 For Attending “Fun and Interesting” Communication Class

After six years of marriage, David and Elizabeth Thomas of Oak Hills, CA decided to pursue a better relationship. They attended PAIRS Essentials class at the Diocese of San Bernardino. Elizabeth states, “I learned a lot. The classes are well done with great information. We had a fun and interesting experience.” Upon graduating the class the Thomas’ completed the Outcome Evaluation survey and are Healthy Relationships California‘s latest drawing winners! They choose to receive $1000 [...] Read more »