Relationship Education Valuable for Teens and Fits New ESSA Guidelines

youth report cover

Relationship Education Valuable for Teens and Fits New ESSA Guidelines San Diego, CA—January 20, 2016—A new report on Relationship Education (RE) finds benefits for teens across the key relationships in their lives, and sheds light on RE as a means for meeting “Every Student Succeeds Act” (ESSA) guidelines. Early Intervention: The Impact of Relationship Education on Youth—the most recent RE study published by Healthy Relationships California (HRC)—helps quantify the benefits of RE for adolescents across [...] Read more »

The Added Benefits of Phone Coaching to Relationship Education: A Pilot Study

Phone Coaching cover

A newly published study by Healthy Relationships California (HRC), a leader in the field of Relationship and Marriage Education (RME), provides evidence of benefits for participants when they participate in individualized Phone Coaching after the RME course. Previous research has found that participants completing a Relationship Education (RE) course report higher levels of positive communication with their intimate partner, increased relationship satisfaction, and greater conflict resolution skills. These positive effects have been shown to persist [...] Read more »

Celebrating 10 Years!

HRC 10 Years summary

Thanks for joining us for the past ten days as we remembered our highlights through the years. We’re grateful for an incredible decade of service, and we look forward to many more years to come! Check out today’s Infographic to see our goals for the future. Read more »

A Look Back at Year 8

HRC Year 8 at a glance

Year 8 was a year of transition as our Founding President stepped down, but the leadership team he developed during his tenure was more than capable of stepping up and continuing our momentum. Year 8 was also the year HRC stepped out on a global stage! Check out some of the other highlights of the year below. Read more »

A Look Back at Year 7

HRC Year 7 at a glance

As the first year of a new grant project, Year 7 at HRC saw some adjustments in our program delivery, including a new focus on parents and those in need of employment services. Find out more in this Infographic. Read more »

A Look Back at Year 6

HRC Year 6 at a glance

In Year 6 we continued to set the pace for the number of individuals served by Relationship Education organizations, and we received heightened national attention for our work. The following Infographic describes our achievements that year. Read more »

A Look Back at Year 4

HRC Year 4 at a glance

By our fourth year, we were influencing the Relationship Education field both across California and on a national level. We also introduced some important program enhancements. Read below to find out more! Read more »

A Look Back at Year 3

HRC Year 3 at a glance

In Year 3, HRC helped raise the profile of Relationship Education through an innovative public awareness campaign and publications, a new website, and award-worthy leadership. See the details below! Read more »