A Look Back at Year 10

HRC Year 10 at a glance

In Year 10 we expanded the Relationship Education field by demonstrating the benefits of RE for programs that help parents in general, fathers in particular, and anyone involved in the criminal justice system. Read on for more details! Read more »

A Look Back at Year 8

HRC Year 8 at a glance

Year 8 was a year of transition as our Founding President stepped down, but the leadership team he developed during his tenure was more than capable of stepping up and continuing our momentum. Year 8 was also the year HRC stepped out on a global stage! Check out some of the other highlights of the year below. Read more »

A Look Back at Year 7

HRC Year 7 at a glance

As the first year of a new grant project, Year 7 at HRC saw some adjustments in our program delivery, including a new focus on parents and those in need of employment services. Find out more in this Infographic. Read more »

A Look Back at Year 6

HRC Year 6 at a glance

In Year 6 we continued to set the pace for the number of individuals served by Relationship Education organizations, and we received heightened national attention for our work. The following Infographic describes our achievements that year. Read more »

A Look Back at Year 4

HRC Year 4 at a glance

By our fourth year, we were influencing the Relationship Education field both across California and on a national level. We also introduced some important program enhancements. Read below to find out more! Read more »

A Look Back at Year 3

HRC Year 3 at a glance

In Year 3, HRC helped raise the profile of Relationship Education through an innovative public awareness campaign and publications, a new website, and award-worthy leadership. See the details below! Read more »

A Look Back at Year 2

HRC Year 2 at a glance

Year 2 at HRC saw significant growth, in large part due to our successful Healthy Marriage Demonstration Grant application, which resulted in the largest award of any organization in the country! See what else we accomplished in the Infographic below. Read more »

We’re 10 Years Old Today!

HRC Year 1 at a glance

Today is our 10th anniversary, and it’s been a fantastic 10 years! When we started in 2005, we didn’t quite imagine the outstanding success we would have in reaching and transforming the lives of participants or the level of national leadership we’d reach. Yet, we have always swung for the fences, as our founding president, Dennis Stoica, referred to it. That metaphor has permeated the culture of Healthy Relationships California and our network of partnering [...] Read more »