Empowering Women through Relationship Education: Healthy Relationships California President Conducts Special Training at Global Peace Convention in Manila, Philippines

President Patty Howell presents in Manilla

San Diego, CA: March 13, 2017: Global opinion leaders increasingly recognize the importance of women’s empowerment as a means to creating a more just world. Women’s role in creating a leadership culture for peace and development was highlighted in a special training conducted by Patty Howell, president of Healthy Relationships California (HRC) at the Global Peace Convention held in Manila, Philippines on Feb. 28-March 3, 2017. Speaking to a standing room only audience of more [...] Read more »

“Whoopie, We Saved a Marriage!” and Other Flawed Perspectives

HRC President Patty Howell

By Patty Howell, Ed.M., A.G.C. President, Healthy Relationships California I’m not saying saving a marriage isn’t important, because it is. And it’s especially important if it’s your marriage that a Relationship Education course helped save. This is a big deal, really; one that ripples throughout all parts of your life, and impacts you, your spouse, your kids, their achievement in school, the health of everyone in the family, your effectiveness at work, your family’s income, [...] Read more »

10 Years of HRC Curricula

HRC Curriculum

For the past ten years, HRC has been proud to help produce an effective, research-based series of “World Class” Relationship and Marriage Education curricula for a large range of target populations. These interactive, high-impact programs are very popular with participants from all walks of life; take a look to see which one is right for you! Read more »

Las 3 Maneras En Que Hispanos Benefician en la Educación para Relaciones

Spanish thumbnail

La investigación de Relaciones Saludables de California muestra que la Educación para Relaciones beneficia a todo tipo de gente. Aquí puede ver cómo las clases han específicamente ayudado a nuestros participantes hispanos. Relaciones Saludables de California comparte con usted una infografía que resume la investigación sobre la Educación para Relación y el Matrimonio. Habrá mas infograf ías en el futuro. Por favor comparta con sus amigos a través de correo electrónico, Facebook y Twitter, y [...] Read more »

Why Every Couple Should Attend Marriage Education Classes

kissing couple

Millions of couples have improved their marriage while sitting on their butts! No, they weren’t just sitting around doing nothing: They sat in a Marriage Education class and learned key skills for speaking, listening, understanding and connecting to their spouse. Their reasons for attending the program varied. One or both of them may have felt they were missing something in their marriage. Or, their relationship may have been in the doldrums and neither knew how [...] Read more »

National Marriage Week Is Around the Corner—Let Us Know What You’re Doing


National Marriage Week, February 7-14 of every year, is a time in our lives that invite date opportunities, marriage enrichment events, and healthy marriage awareness in our communities. This campaign was established in 1996 by Richard Kane in the UK and has reached further out to several countries. In 2002, Brent Barlow and Diane Sollee of Smart Marriages adopted National Marriage Week in the U.S., bringing a purpose to the well-being of families and communities [...] Read more »

Take Control of Your Anger or It Will Control You!


Be honest, does your anger get the best of you at times? Does it seem to take over when things get heated with your partner or your kids? Gary Chapman, marriage expert and author of The Five Love Languages says, “Anger is like FIRE. Control it. Use it. Be motivated by it. Whatever you do, don’t ignore it.” Why? Because anger is toxic. For those who stuff their feelings and keep it from coming out, [...] Read more »

It Is Never Too Early to Build a Strong Foundation of Great Communication

Nathan James King OE Winner Picture

Nathan James King reached a turning point in his life. After embracing religion he was able to put his addiction behind him and focus on his education and relationships. Nathan is a bartender where he met his girlfriend, Erica, an exercise instructor at the Clovis Community Senior Center. They are both continuing their education at CSU Fresno. They had been dating for several months when they decided to take steps to strengthen their communication. They [...] Read more »

Daily, Monthly & Yearly Ways to Keep Your Relationship Alive

Date Night

In a Sonoma Valley Sun article, “The ecology of marriage,” Dr. Jeffrey Low has several recommendations to “keep (your) relationship loving and healthy.” He gives some daily, monthly and yearly things you can do to keep your relationship alive. His suggestions: Daily – It takes just fifteen minutes a day to maintain the connection between two people. This is not just some random number, but the result of scientific studies demonstrating that if two people [...] Read more »

How Nine Hours in a Classroom Can Change a Life

How can nine hours in a marriage and relationship education class help couples speeding towards separation or divorce suddenly embrace each other with a renewed sense of purpose, hope and passion? From our friends who bring us one the best Relationship Education classes out there: PAIRS. Original Article. Find PAIRS class. Read more »