“Whoopie, We Saved a Marriage!” and Other Flawed Perspectives

HRC President Patty Howell

By Patty Howell, Ed.M., A.G.C. President, Healthy Relationships California I’m not saying saving a marriage isn’t important, because it is. And it’s especially important if it’s your marriage that a Relationship Education course helped save. This is a big deal, really; one that ripples throughout all parts of your life, and impacts you, your spouse, your kids, their achievement in school, the health of everyone in the family, your effectiveness at work, your family’s income, [...] Read more »

More than Marriage Education: A Larger Perspective on Transforming Lives

HRC President Patty Howell

By Patty Howell, Ed.M., A.G.C., President Marriage Education was the pulse of our organization from Day 1. In fact, when Healthy Relationships California was founded in 2005, the word marriage was part of our corporate name—California Healthy Marriages Coalition. Our organization has always believed in Marriage Education and we have amassed impressive evidence that shows we’re very good at Marriage Education. And, we know very clearly—from hundreds of research studies on key social factors associated [...] Read more »

5 Tips to Keep the Holidays Merry (Infographic Series)

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Happy holidays from HRC! This may be the most wonderful time of the year, but it’s also one of the most stressful. Try these tips to keep your holidays merry instead of harried! HRC is releasing an infographic series summarizing the research on Relationship and Marriage Education (RME). Watch for more infographics to come. Please share with your friends through email, Facebook, and Twitter, and feel free to share these images on your websites. Help [...] Read more »

Los Lazos que Unen: Creando las Tradiciones Familiares para los Días Festivos

Family All Together At Christmas Dinner

  ¿Cuáles son sus tradiciones navideñas favoritas? ¿Es usted el anfitrión para el juego de fútbol en el Día de Gracias? ¿Decora galletas para Santa en la noche buena? Tal vez usted prepara un plato especial navideño que rinde homenaje a su patrimonio, o invita a su familia a una cena. Es probable que estas tradiciones navideñas constituyen algunos de sus recuerdos favoritos. Las tradiciones son una fuerza poderosa de unión en las familias. Nos [...] Read more »

Ties that Bind: Creating Family Traditions for the Holidays

Family All Together At Christmas Dinner

What are your favorite holiday traditions? Do you host a Turkey Bowl football game on Thanksgiving? Decorate cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve? Maybe you prepare a special holiday dish that honors your heritage, or you invite your extended family over for a meal. Chances are, these holiday traditions make up some of your favorite memories. Traditions are a powerful bonding force in families; they give us a sense of identity and belonging, and bring [...] Read more »

Relationship Tools for Every Season

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Welcome to Fall. As the air gets crisp and the leaves start to turn, the rhythm of our daily schedule changes, reminding us that life is all about transition. We enter the world as infants and then progress through each new season, learning as we go. Relationships pass through seasons, too, and we need to equip ourselves to deal successfully and caringly with people and situations as they develop. It is understandable to think that [...] Read more »

Give a Life-Changing Gift for Mother’s Day


Often people think Relationship Education (RE) is only for couples, or for people preparing for marriage. The truth is, the skills learned in these classes are easily applied to all relationships in life, and they can do wonders for enhancing the relationship between parent and child. Why should you try RE? Consider these four ways RE can build family relationships: 1.       RE improves communication between parents and children. While everyone knows that communication is vital [...] Read more »

Don’t Be Misunderstood in Love!


“Te amo.” “Je t’aime.” “Ich liebe dich.” For someone who doesn’t speak these languages, these phrases are just sounds without meaning. But if you know Spanish, French, or German, you know they all express the same sentiment: “I love you.” Just as different nations speak different languages, different people speak different love languages—some ways of showing love will be more powerful for one person than for another. When two people in a relationship speak different [...] Read more »

5 Mentiras Grandes Sobre el Amor


Es muy probable que todo lo que cree saber sobre el amor está mal! Sentimientos comunes sobre el amor se repiten una y otra vez. Refranes populares se pasan de generación en generación. Las ideas sobre el amor se afirman en nuestros “sentimientos” y por lo que esperamos que sea cierto y no por la lógica e información significativa. Sí, todos hemos sido engañados cuando se trata de asuntos del corazón. Ahora es el momento para terminar [...] Read more »

5 Maneras Para Equilibrar Su Relación Durante Los Días de Fiesta

Christmas Hispanic Couple

¿Puede Usted creerlo? Estamos a mitad de la temporada de las fiestas! Mientras que Acción de Gracias es un recuerdo lejano, nuestras curvas amplias nos recuerdan de esa cena festiva. Las compras de “Black Friday” a “Cyber Monday”  han dejado nuestras carteras y cuentas de banco en ceros. Ahora, usted está tratando de hacer malabares con las actividades de los niños para los días festivos, trabajando en las fiestas Navideñas, llevando a la familia a [...] Read more »