RELATIONSHIP EDUCATION YIELDS BROAD IMPACT ON FAMILIES, REVEALS RESEARCH BY HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS CALIFORNIA  Many Participate in Relationship Education to Improve Their Parent-Child Relationship, Rather than a Romantic Partnership San Diego, CA—April 13, 2016—In the midst of this year’s National Child Abuse Prevention Month, Healthy Relationships California (HRC) has published research findings that demonstrate how Relationship Education (RE) can improve parent-child relationships and decrease the chances of hostile behavior occurring in the home. “Strengthening Family Ties: [...] Read more »


World Class Relationships for Work & Home Research Brief

UNIQUE CURRICULUM IMPROVES FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS AND EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES, STUDY SHOWS Research Continues to Support the Benefits of Teaching Communication Skills for the Workplace San Diego, CA—March 23, 2016—A new study by the Relationship Education experts at Healthy Relationships California (HRC) finds that a recently developed curriculum has a dual impact: helping participants improve their intimate relationships as well as helping unemployed/under-employed individuals better their job prospects and workplace communication. Read the full study here: [...] Read more »

Relationship Education Valuable for Teens and Fits New ESSA Guidelines

youth report cover

Relationship Education Valuable for Teens and Fits New ESSA Guidelines San Diego, CA—January 20, 2016—A new report on Relationship Education (RE) finds benefits for teens across the key relationships in their lives, and sheds light on RE as a means for meeting “Every Student Succeeds Act” (ESSA) guidelines. Early Intervention: The Impact of Relationship Education on Youth—the most recent RE study published by Healthy Relationships California (HRC)—helps quantify the benefits of RE for adolescents across [...] Read more »

The Added Benefits of Phone Coaching to Relationship Education: A Pilot Study

Phone Coaching cover

A newly published study by Healthy Relationships California (HRC), a leader in the field of Relationship and Marriage Education (RME), provides evidence of benefits for participants when they participate in individualized Phone Coaching after the RME course. Previous research has found that participants completing a Relationship Education (RE) course report higher levels of positive communication with their intimate partner, increased relationship satisfaction, and greater conflict resolution skills. These positive effects have been shown to persist [...] Read more »

New Study Finds Prison Bars Are No Barrier to the Positive Benefits of Relationship Education

incarcerated report v3.pdf

San Diego, CA—September 17, 2014—A new report finds that inmates who are taught communication and conflict-resolution skills believe these skills will improve the quality of their relationships, decrease their likelihood of re-offending, and increase their chances of finding employment post-release. Unshackled Potential: The Impact of Relationship Education on Incarcerated Populations is the most recent publication by Healthy Relationships California (HRC), the nation’s largest Relationship Education (RE) organization. The study’s findings are drawn from the responses [...] Read more »

3 Ways Hispanics Benefit from Relationship Education (Infographic Series)

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HRC’s research shows that Relationship Education benefits people from all walks of life. Here’s a look at how our Hispanic participants specifically have been helped. HRC is releasing an infographic series summarizing the research on Relationship and Marriage Education (RME). Watch for more infographics to come. Please share with your friends through email, Facebook, and Twitter, and feel free to share these images on your websites. Help us get the word out about the power [...] Read more »

Brief Review of Relationship and Marriage Education Research

By Dr. Dannelle Larsen-Rife Co-Director of Research, Healthy Relationships California Under the Bush administration, 100 million dollars was allocated for Marriage Education. While some report that the results for Relationship and Marriage Education (RME) are disappointing (Johnson, 2012), there is ample evidence that RME is effective. The Washington Post (June 27, 2010) reported several examples of research in support of RME. There are two primary examples that have been cited suggesting that RME does not [...] Read more »

Marriage Education Helps Couples Even in the High-Divorce-Risk Years


Data from the nation’s largest and most diverse study on the impact of Relationship and Marriage Education (RME) classes show that marital satisfaction improves substantially after participating in RME, a finding with significant ramifications during the high-risk early years of marriage. Half of all divorces occur within the first eight years of marriage, making this a high-risk time for couples. In a study of 17,245 Californians taking an RME course, researchers at Healthy Relationships California [...] Read more »

Research Shows Couples Can Increase Marital Happiness, Even Those on the Brink


Researchers at Healthy Relationships California have found strong gains in marital satisfaction among 17,245 participants of Marriage Education programs in California, the nation’s largest study on the immediate and long-term impact of Marriage Education. Before taking a Marriage Education course, only 44% of married persons considered themselves happy with their relationship, while 56% were moderately or highly distressed about their marriage. Six months after taking a skills-based Marriage Education course, only 32% of participants were [...] Read more »

Just Released Research Brief! California Relationships Improved by Marriage Education


Data released by Healthy Relationships California (HRC) from the largest study ever conducted on the impact of Marriage Education classes showed that these programs help couples significantly improve their communication and levels of relationship satisfaction. Surveying 17,245 Californians who took one of several programs available for couples, HRC found a statewide average increase of more than 13% in relationship satisfaction immediately after taking a Marriage Education course, and that this improvement increased to 16% after [...] Read more »