5 Mentiras Grandes Sobre el Amor


Es muy probable que todo lo que cree saber sobre el amor está mal! Sentimientos comunes sobre el amor se repiten una y otra vez. Refranes populares se pasan de generación en generación. Las ideas sobre el amor se afirman en nuestros “sentimientos” y por lo que esperamos que sea cierto y no por la lógica e información significativa. Sí, todos hemos sido engañados cuando se trata de asuntos del corazón. Ahora es el momento para terminar [...] Read more »

5 Maneras Para Equilibrar Su Relación Durante Los Días de Fiesta

Christmas Hispanic Couple

¿Puede Usted creerlo? Estamos a mitad de la temporada de las fiestas! Mientras que Acción de Gracias es un recuerdo lejano, nuestras curvas amplias nos recuerdan de esa cena festiva. Las compras de “Black Friday” a “Cyber Monday”  han dejado nuestras carteras y cuentas de banco en ceros. Ahora, usted está tratando de hacer malabares con las actividades de los niños para los días festivos, trabajando en las fiestas Navideñas, llevando a la familia a [...] Read more »

31 Tweets or Texts to Send Your Partner This Month!


What partner doesn’t want to regularly hear something loving, positive or romantic from their mate?  We all do! In fact, there is a Japanese proverb that says a sweet word will warm three winters. If that’s the case, imagine what a 140-character tweet or short text message could do for you and your mate! Below is a list inspired mostly by Gregory J.P. Godek’s 10,000 Ways to Say I Love You. Over the next month, [...] Read more »

HRC Staffer Receives Orange County Press Club Award: Best Family and Lifestyle Blog


  Lucinda Loveland, a blogger for Healthy Relationship California, has been recognized for her talent and the relationships-supporting messages conveyed throughout her writing. Now both a staff writer and translator for HRC, Lucinda began writing about Relationship and Marriage Education programs and ideas as a student in a Marriage Education class.  Her popular blog postings include: How to Change Your Partner, Take Control of Your Anger or It Will Control You, 5 Selfish Reasons to [...] Read more »

Fortaleciendo las Relaciones Durante el Mes Del “Grito”


No te limites a celebrar solamente tu herencia, fortalece tus relaciones en esta época de celebración. Así como el Padre Hidalgo hizo el grito el 16 de septiembre de 1810, para defender la tierra y la fe, con la misma pasión defiende lo que es más valioso para ti… tus relaciones más queridas. Aquí hay 5 maneras de fortalecer tu relación con amistades y cada miembro de la familia: Con tu esposo(a): Cultive el romance. [...] Read more »

What Schools Shouldn’t Teach Our Kids


Sending your kids back to school with high expectations for the teachers and administration? As a parent, you want the best education for your child, and that is why you help them with their homework, volunteer at their school, and shuttle them to and from school activities. But many parents have unrealistic expectations for schools to instruct kids on lessons that parents are really responsible for.  Yes Ms. Figgelstone will teach your child grammar or [...] Read more »

The Best Father’s Day Story!


Father’s Day being upon us, thought I’d share the best love story that is gripping but at the same time inspirational. The repetitiousness of life sets us in a monotonous routine and inspiration is sometimes needed to spark motivation and courage. Dick Hoyt has touched the hearts of many fathers with his example of selfless love and taught us all—even mothers—pure love and what can really come of it. Some would say miracles. Share your [...] Read more »

5 Big Lies about Love


Everything you think you know about love is probably wrong! Common sentiments about love get repeated over and over. Popular sayings get passed on from generation to generation. Ideas about love get affirmed by our “feelings” and by what we hope to be true rather than by logic and meaningful information. Yep, we’ve all been duped when it comes to matters of the heart. Now is the time to crush the romantic fibs out of [...] Read more »

10 Ways to Make Love Into a Lifestyle!


  People talk about falling in love, losing at love and looking for love. What if you could have a more permanent and reliable relationship with love–one that was not dependent on another person? This entails making love into a lifestyle rather than a life event.  And it has great personal benefits. According to Carol McCloud, author of Have You Filled A Bucket Today?, those “who learn to express kindness and love lead happier lives.” What [...] Read more »