Relaciones Saludables de California dice que el Día del Padre destaca la Importancia de la Relación Matrimonial en la Participación de Papá Con Sus Hijos


“El mejor factor pronóstico de la presencia del padre es el estado civil,” dice un informe del Institute for American Values, explicando que cuando la romántica relación de un padre con el niño de la madre termina esto a menudo termina su relación con sus hijos. Mientras tanto los padres traen a un equilibrio emocional y bienestar físico del niño, los datos de más de 100 estudios apuntan a los padres como tal vez incluso más importantes [...] Read more »

HRC Staffer Receives Orange County Press Club Award: Best Family and Lifestyle Blog


  Lucinda Loveland, a blogger for Healthy Relationship California, has been recognized for her talent and the relationships-supporting messages conveyed throughout her writing. Now both a staff writer and translator for HRC, Lucinda began writing about Relationship and Marriage Education programs and ideas as a student in a Marriage Education class.  Her popular blog postings include: How to Change Your Partner, Take Control of Your Anger or It Will Control You, 5 Selfish Reasons to [...] Read more »

President of California’s Largest Marriage Education Organization Steps Down


Dennis Stoica, the founder of Healthy Relationships California, has resigned as president of the nationally recognized non-profit organization, formerly known as California Healthy Marriages Coalition (CHMC).  “After ten years of working to improve the health of couples, families and relationships throughout California by offering Relationship and Marriage Education classes, the time has come for me to make a change,” says Stoica. Over the last decade, Dennis Stoica’s vision and leadership resulted in numerous accomplishments including: [...] Read more »

Fortaleciendo las Relaciones Durante el Mes Del “Grito”


No te limites a celebrar solamente tu herencia, fortalece tus relaciones en esta época de celebración. Así como el Padre Hidalgo hizo el grito el 16 de septiembre de 1810, para defender la tierra y la fe, con la misma pasión defiende lo que es más valioso para ti… tus relaciones más queridas. Aquí hay 5 maneras de fortalecer tu relación con amistades y cada miembro de la familia: Con tu esposo(a): Cultive el romance. [...] Read more »

Research Shows Couples Can Increase Marital Happiness, Even Those on the Brink


Researchers at Healthy Relationships California have found strong gains in marital satisfaction among 17,245 participants of Marriage Education programs in California, the nation’s largest study on the immediate and long-term impact of Marriage Education. Before taking a Marriage Education course, only 44% of married persons considered themselves happy with their relationship, while 56% were moderately or highly distressed about their marriage. Six months after taking a skills-based Marriage Education course, only 32% of participants were [...] Read more »

Just Released Research Brief! California Relationships Improved by Marriage Education


Data released by Healthy Relationships California (HRC) from the largest study ever conducted on the impact of Marriage Education classes showed that these programs help couples significantly improve their communication and levels of relationship satisfaction. Surveying 17,245 Californians who took one of several programs available for couples, HRC found a statewide average increase of more than 13% in relationship satisfaction immediately after taking a Marriage Education course, and that this improvement increased to 16% after [...] Read more »

Healthy Relationships California Receives Federal Grant to Help Low-Income Couples and Families


The announcement last week by Health and Human Services/Administration for Children and Families of its Community-Centered Healthy Marriage and Relationships grants spells good news for Californians, as Healthy Relationships California is one of only four organizations in the country receiving the top award of $2.5 million a year for the next three years. The new grant focuses on low-income populations in nine of California’s largest counties—Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange, Sacramento, San Bernardino, Riverside, Alameda, Fresno and [...] Read more »

Father’s Day Highlights Importance of the Marital Relationship in Dad’s Involvement with His Kids


“The best predictor of father presence is marital status,” says a report from the Institute for American Values, explaining that when a father’s romantic relationship with his children’s mother ends, this often ends his involvement with the children as well. While having a relationship with both parents brings balance to children’s physical and emotional welfare, data from more than 100 studies point to the extremely important role fathers play in the lives of their children. In [...] Read more »