10 Ways to Make Love Into a Lifestyle!


  People talk about falling in love, losing at love and looking for love. What if you could have a more permanent and reliable relationship with love–one that was not dependent on another person? This entails making love into a lifestyle rather than a life event.  And it has great personal benefits. According to Carol McCloud, author of Have You Filled A Bucket Today?, those “who learn to express kindness and love lead happier lives.” What [...] Read more »

5 Selfish Reasons to Give Thanks to Others


It’s been said, “silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone.” With that in mind, and with the kickoff to the holidays upon us, be sure to be loud and proud with your gratitude to family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances.  Thanksgiving is the time of year for saying thank yous, receiving gratitude, and being grateful. But showing a little appreciation has a bigger impact than you may realize. Here are five selfish reasons to give thanks to [...] Read more »

How to Change Your Partner


How many times have you tried to “change” your partner? Do you hint, nag, complain, guilt trip, intimidate, threaten, or give ultimatums? We all do it! My husband used to use humor during serious conversations or sensitive moments. I would ask him to stop, but that would cause him to do it more. With a stronger tone, an angrier face and with firm posture I would tell him to stop. But that would make him [...] Read more »