Charting 10 Years at HRC

Charting 10 Years at HRC

Over the past decade at HRC, we have expanded our services, increased our reach across California and the nation, and become more efficient and effective in providing Relationship Education programs. Thanks for being a part of our journey! Read more »

10 Years of HRC Curricula

HRC Curriculum

For the past ten years, HRC has been proud to help produce an effective, research-based series of “World Class” Relationship and Marriage Education curricula for a large range of target populations. These interactive, high-impact programs are very popular with participants from all walks of life; take a look to see which one is right for you! Read more »

10 Years of HRC Publications

10 Years of HRC Publications--Infographic

Over the past decade, HRC has contributed ground-breaking and important research to the Relationship and Marriage Education field. Visit our Resource Store today to check out our studies and reports on the value of RME for everyone. Read more »

RE Colleagues Congratulate HRC for 10 Years of Service

HRC celebrates 10 years!

HRC’s colleagues are joining us to celebrate our 10 years of providing transformational Relationship Education programs. Many have sent us touching messages of congratulations, and we’ll be sharing some of these notes over the next few weeks. We extend our heartfelt thanks to our partners in the RE field as together we empower everyone with the skills that lead to healthy, happy relationships. We couldn’t do our work without you! Read more »

HRC Celebrates 10 Years of Service!

HRC Award Highlights

On May 13, HRC will celebrate our 10th year of offering life-changing Relationship and Marriage Education classes to those in California, and beyond. In the coming weeks, we’ll be looking back at some of the most significant highlights of our work to date, and looking forward to our goals for the next decade. Visit our website every week to see what’s new! Read more »

More than Marriage Education: A Larger Perspective on Transforming Lives

HRC President Patty Howell

By Patty Howell, Ed.M., A.G.C., President Marriage Education was the pulse of our organization from Day 1. In fact, when Healthy Relationships California was founded in 2005, the word marriage was part of our corporate name—California Healthy Marriages Coalition. Our organization has always believed in Marriage Education and we have amassed impressive evidence that shows we’re very good at Marriage Education. And, we know very clearly—from hundreds of research studies on key social factors associated […] Read more »

HRC Supports NFLPA Collegiate Bowl

NFLPA Bowl Game

For the second year in a row, HRC was proud to support the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) Collegiate Bowl. This game brings together the best NFL draft prospects from around the country to show off their skills for scouts. It’s an awesome chance to see tomorrow’s stars before they make it big.  Each year, through a partnership with the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse and Fathers Incorporated, free tickets are available for fathers and families. If you […] Read more »

3 Maneras Poderosas de Dar Gratitud Para Rejuvenecer el Amor


La gratitud es una emoción súper beneficiosa para todas nuestras relaciones debido a que ayuda a que reconozcamos todas las cosas que hace nuestra pareja por nosotros y al igual recibir agradecimiento y sentirse validado.   No se trata de hacer listas de todo lo que agradeces. ¡Es mucho más simple que eso!   Trata a los demás como quieren ellos ser tratados. Una de las dosis más importantes para tener una relación saludable es […] Read more »

Las 3 Maneras Posibles Que Tu Pareja Podría Influir el Éxito de Tu Trabajo

  Las 3 Maneras Posibles Que Tu Pareja Podría Influir el Éxito de Tu Trabajo Externalización – Tu pareja hace cosas por ti que te libera para concentrarse en su trabajo (por ejemplo, su pareja hace unas tareas domésticas como hacer la cena o lavar la ropa para que usted tenga más tiempo para su trabajo). Emulando – Usted toma las cualidades positivas de su pareja para su beneficio (por ejemplo, su pareja es organizado(a), […] Read more »

New Study Finds Prison Bars Are No Barrier to the Positive Benefits of Relationship Education

incarcerated report v3.pdf

San Diego, CA—September 17, 2014—A new report finds that inmates who are taught communication and conflict-resolution skills believe these skills will improve the quality of their relationships, decrease their likelihood of re-offending, and increase their chances of finding employment post-release. Unshackled Potential: The Impact of Relationship Education on Incarcerated Populations is the most recent publication by Healthy Relationships California (HRC), the nation’s largest Relationship Education (RE) organization. The study’s findings are drawn from the responses […] Read more »