Empowering Women through Relationship Education: Healthy Relationships California President Conducts Special Training at Global Peace Convention in Manila, Philippines

President Patty Howell presents in Manilla

San Diego, CA: March 13, 2017: Global opinion leaders increasingly recognize the importance of women’s empowerment as a means to creating a more just world. Women’s role in creating a leadership culture for peace and development was highlighted in a special training conducted by Patty Howell, president of Healthy Relationships California (HRC) at the Global Peace Convention held in Manila, Philippines on Feb. 28-March 3, 2017.

Speaking to a standing room only audience of more than 100 pre-registered participants from six continents, Howell stated that while many see women as integral to creating peace, yet “women can and do fail miserably in this role as agents of peace, and the results of this can be and often are, devastating.” She cited research showing the ways that family breakdown links to a wide range of social factors—including problems with physical and mental health, children’s failure at school, domestic and sexual violence, at-risk factors for teens, crime, and poverty—and emphasized that these factors cost billions of dollars each year and affect the health and well-being of every person on the planet. (PDFs of Healthy Marriages research booklets available at www.RelationshipsCA.org.)

Recognizing the intolerable costliness of this for every country in the world, Howell presented data on the cost-effectiveness of Relationship Education (RE) as a preventive means for addressing these issues. She also gave participants an experience of the communication and conflict resolution skills taught in RE courses. Going beyond the usual demonstration of listening skills, Howell generated unique positive results by encouraging these international participants to experiment using Power Listening Lite with a partner who didn’t speak their same language.

Research on RE programs shows positive impact on communication, relationship satisfaction, and conflict resolution. These skills are important for women for many reasons including: 1) Enabling them to respond caringly to others’ needs; 2) Enabling them to communicate about their own needs without being discounted or causing resistance in others; 3) enabling them to resolve conflicts with their partner, within the family, and within the community; and 4) enabling them to be effective models for their children. Howell believes that Relationship Education is the most beneficial way to help empower women to create peace within their families and within the world.

Calculations by HRC found the Return on Investment (ROI) on RE programs to be greater than 25:1.

For her special training, Howell (center) was presented with a Certificate of Recognition by Dr. Nona Ricafort, Former Deputy Minister Higher Education, Philippines (left) and by Secretary General, Global Peace Women Soonok Kang, Ph.D. (right).

Receiving a Plaque

Healthy Relationships California/Healthy Relationships International is a global leader in Relationship Education programs, having taught more than 200,000 participants and conducted leadership training in a range of research-based Marriage, Relationship, Parenting, and Fatherhood programs since 2006. Information at www.RelationshipsCA.org

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