Relationship Tools for Every Season

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Welcome to Fall. As the air gets crisp and the leaves start to turn, the rhythm of our daily schedule changes, reminding us that life is all about transition. We enter the world as infants and then progress through each new season, learning as we go. Relationships pass through seasons, too, and we need to equip ourselves to deal successfully and caringly with people and situations as they develop. It is understandable to think that [...] Read more »

Cómo Mejorar Sus Relaciones—El Secreto de la Felicidad

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Las relaciones pueden ser difíciles de navegar; justo cuando piensas que todo está bajo control, las cosas toman un tono diferente. Todo cambia, igual que las hojas y el clima a nuestro alrededor, la dinámica de una relación cambia también. Las buenas noticias es que Relaciones Saludables de California acaba de crear Un sitio web nuevo y lleno de recursos para ayudarle a través de todos los cambios con las diferentes relaciones en su vida: [...] Read more »

Brief Review of Relationship and Marriage Education Research

By Dr. Dannelle Larsen-Rife Co-Director of Research, Healthy Relationships California Under the Bush administration, 100 million dollars was allocated for Marriage Education. While some report that the results for Relationship and Marriage Education (RME) are disappointing (Johnson, 2012), there is ample evidence that RME is effective. The Washington Post (June 27, 2010) reported several examples of research in support of RME. There are two primary examples that have been cited suggesting that RME does not [...] Read more »

Do Marriage Classes Really Work? (Infographic Series)

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Do Marriage Classes really work? Our research says yes! Beginning today, HRC will be releasing an infographic series summarizing the research on Relationship and Marriage Education (RME). Watch for a new infographic every few weeks. Please share with your friends through email, Facebook, and Twitter, and feel free to share these images on your websites. Help us get the word out about the power of RME!   Use This Graphic for FREE on Your Site! [...] Read more »