New Publication Tells the Stories of Renewed Relationships

lives transformed booklet-cover-400San Diego, CA—May 1, 2013—Healthy Relationships California (HRC), a leader in the field of Relationship and Marriage Education (RME), announces the release of Lives Transformed, a collection of testimonies that illustrate the impact of RME across a diverse array of individuals who have participated in an RME program.

Supplementing HRC’s groundbreaking quantitative research on the positive effects of RME, Lives Transformed captures the poignant stories of real people experiencing real change. “This booklet shares a small sample of the testimonials we have received from people whose lives have been transformed by attending one of our RME classes,” explains HRC President Patty Howell. “These people are your neighbors, your co-workers, your family members. They share candidly how RME skills have improved their relationships and made a significant difference in their lives.”

Lives Transformed highlights the efficacy of RME in a number of populations and environments, including:

  • Couples saved from the brink of divorce;
  • Fathers finding ways to be better dads;
  • Youth gaining blueprints for healthy relationships;
  • Inmates learning keys for successful re-entry into society;
  • Unemployed individuals succeeding at job interviews.

Here are just a few of the voices found in Lives Transformed:

“This is a necessary class for a man that has been incarcerated for 28 years of his adult life in a prison setting who’s forgotten what it’s like to have a significant other… This class has helped me to reunite, to be able to live life on life’s terms in the real world.” – Paul (Fresno, CA)

“This class should most definitely be offered in more employment programs, it will lead to more motivated individuals, which means better chances of getting jobs.” – Andrea (San Bernardino, CA)

“This class has improved my emotional intelligence and closeness with my kids. It has helped me to do more listening and less preaching. My kids trust me now more than before.”– Eduardo (Sacramento, CA)

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Healthy Relationships California offers Relationship and Marriage Education courses through local partnering organizations across the state. Classes are taught by trained facilitators and focus primarily on teaching couples and individuals communication and conflict-management skills. Classes are available in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean.

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