HRC Staffer Receives Orange County Press Club Award: Best Family and Lifestyle Blog


Lucinda Loveland, a blogger for Healthy Relationship California, has been recognized for her talent and the relationships-supporting messages conveyed throughout her writing. Now both a staff writer and translator for HRC, Lucinda began writing about Relationship and Marriage Education programs and ideas as a student in a Marriage Education class.  Her popular blog postings include: How to Change Your Partner, Take Control of Your Anger or It Will Control You, 5 Selfish Reasons to Give Thanks to Others, 5 Ways to Bring Balance to Your Relationship During the Holidays, 10 Ways to Make Love Into a Lifestyle, and 5 Big Lies About Love.

Along with her husband, Alfred Loveland, the duo embraced the common challenge many couples face, the end of the honeymoon and the beginning of disillusionment.  They sought out help and resources to repair their marriage. Five years later, Lucinda shares what she has learned through her blogs, and the quality of the material she writes and its value for Orange County readers has been recognized through the 2012 O.C. Press Club Award for “Best Family and Lifestyle Blog”.

Lucinda and Alfred also teach Marriage Education classes to couples and this provides an additional means for letting others know that they have been there and gone through the process of rebuilding trust, resolving conflict and communicating at an intimate level.  “Our issues seemed insurmountable and I felt hopeless,” says Lucinda to the participants of her World Class Relationships™ class, “I hadn’t realized the bad habits I had and how I was contributing to my own despair.”

The Lovelands speak highly of these classes, and point out that they are still married today, and more happily than they had thought possible a few years ago.  Married at age 20, and then having a child a year later, they quickly got in over their heads.  Experiencing their bond as being stronger now after 8 years of marriage, they see this as a true testament to their applying what is learned in Relationship and Marriage Education classes.  Alfred puts this in perspective:  “Today we have the information and skills needed to make relationships successful. Fifty years ago this was impossible! People didn’t have many options. Divorce today is a readily available option, but isn’t a necessary one because we now know how to help couples succeed.”

Because of their success in strengthening their marriage, Lucinda and Alfred are especially motivated to share what they have learned with others.

As the couple began to see results in their family life, they became strong volunteers for the Relationship and Marriage Education field. Their training began with Marriage Education classes, and they are now both pursuing careers in social psychology at the University of California, Irvine. Both Alfred and Lucinda also work for Healthy Relationships California as they strive to announce to the public: “Marriage takes skill but like any skills-based activity, this can be learned and the suffering, damage, and dysfunction associated with poor communication skills or lack of understanding can be greatly reduced or eliminated altogether.”

In addition to its blog, Healthy Relationships California uses Facebook and Twitter to spread the message about the powerful impact of Relationship and Marriage Education. Healthy Relationships California (HRC) is one of the nation’s leading nonprofits committed to improving people’s lives through Relationship and Marriage Education programs.


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