31 Tweets or Texts to Send Your Partner This Month!

What partner doesn’t want to regularly hear something loving, positive or romantic from their mate?  We all do! In fact, there is a Japanese proverb that says a sweet word will warm three winters. If that’s the case, imagine what a 140-character tweet or short text message could do for you and your mate!

Below is a list inspired mostly by Gregory J.P. Godek’s 10,000 Ways to Say I Love You. Over the next month, send one message to your partner each day. Warning: if your tweet says you will do something, be absolutely sure to follow through with that action, or risk turning your positive into a negative.

Who knows what difference a month’s worth of Tweets or texts can make in your relationship?

  1. Dear (Nickname), Thank you for …(e.g. all the support you have given me)! Love, Your One and Only
  2. My happiest memory with you is…
  3. Riddle me this…
  4. Looking forward to a fun time on (Halloween/Thanksgiving/Holiday)!
  5. I miss you!
  6. “When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.” ~John Ruskin // love becoming a masterpiece with you!
  7. Let’s have dinner/lunch at the best-kept secret restaurant…today!
  8. Picnic, blankets, delicious food and just us at (name of park) at (time). See you there!
  9.  I’m so proud of you for…
  10. Happy 50th Anniversary—45 years  (or however many years away it actually is) early!
  11. I have tickets for: Dinner for Two at Home (formal attire required)
  12. I’m sorry for…
  13. Can I pick up anything for you or the kids on my way home from work today?
  14. I love you forever and a day.
  15. I first fell in love with you when…
  16. Can’t wait to see you!
  17. I admire your…
  18. Let’s make our relationship even better by … (attending a class for couples)
  19. “I love you.” French: “Je t’aime”; Hawaiian: “Aloha wau ia oe”; Italian: “Ti amo”; Japanese: “Ai shite imasu.”
  20. The best song that describes the way I feel is …
  21. “Two heads are better than one” and that is why I think we make a great team!
  22. Quote lyrics from your special song.
  23. “However rare true love is, true friendship is even rarer.” ~La Rochefoucauld // And we have both!
  24. Let’s go to a couple’s communication class because I want to work at making our relationship even better!
  25. I’ve declared today is Wife/Husband Appreciation Day! Watch out!
  26. We’re watching a movie tonight! Your choice!
  27. How sweet it is to be loved by you!
  28. What do you need from me today?
  29. Let’s pretend it’s 2024. My fondest memories with you would be…
  30. Soon we will see each other and be in each other’s arms!
  31. “A happy marriage has in it all the pleasure of friendships, all the enjoyment of sense and reason—and indeed all the sweets of life.” ~Addison


Written by Lucinda Loveland – Copyright (C) 2012 Healthy Relationships California


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  1. Great list of loving messages! This marriage is thriving!

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