It Is Never Too Early to Build a Strong Foundation of Great Communication

Nathan James King OE Winner PictureNathan James King reached a turning point in his life. After embracing religion he was able to put his addiction behind him and focus on his education and relationships.

Nathan is a bartender where he met his girlfriend, Erica, an exercise instructor at the Clovis Community Senior Center. They are both continuing their education at CSU Fresno.

They had been dating for several months when they decided to take steps to strengthen their communication. They attended a Mastering the Mysteries of Love at Healthy Marriage Coalition of Fresno/Madera County at the recommendation of his parents and brother, who are instructors. Nathan and Erica completed the class and filled out the outcome evaluation form they received from HRC. They are the latest couple to win $1000 in the California Healthy Marriages Outcome Evaluation drawing!Ron and Nathan

Nathan and Erica were impressed with the skills they learned in the class. Nathan stated, “The class forced us to address regular problems that would soon become monstrous. I learned to show her understanding when she speaks, use interactive listening skills, and to approach at the right time with gentleness.”

The couple plans to use the money to tithe, buy gifts for each other, and save for the future.

HRC supports many quality relationship-building classes. Find out more information about Mastering the Mysteries of Love and other great classes available in your area.

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