Kraft’s Contest Calls for Marriage Education

The tangy taste of Miracle Whip is loved by some and hated by others. But Kraft, maker of the salad dressing, has kicked off a “Not for Every Relationship” contest that is stirring up a whole new controversy. Why? Because they are offering $25,000 for the winning story to go towards a couple’s wedding…or divorce. For some, this is simply a humorous campaign; for others, it is the source of great concern.

Beverly Willett, the vice chair of the Coalition of Divorce Reform, writes in a recent article about “the true matter of Kraft using this polarized device that feeds into the fears that many couples have and keeps them from getting married.” Healthy Relationships California, the largest provider of Relationship and Marriage Education courses in California, recognizes that without essential Relationship Education, it’s all too common for couples to feud harshly enough about salad dressing or any other small matter to cause damage to the relationship. Says HRC Vice President Patty Howell, and co-author of World Class Marriage, “Conflict resolution skills are indispensable for handling all kinds of marital and family issues, whether large or small.  And these skills can easily be learned through a Relationship Education class, along with other vital skills for healthy relationships.”

Howell reports that healthy relationships are important for everyone as they shape many areas of life, and provide many benefits including:

  • Living longer and having fewer physical health problems;
  • Having fewer depressive symptoms;
  • Lowered levels of domestic and sexual violence against women and girls;
  • Less likelihood of youth becoming involved in crime, substance abuse, and/or teen pregnancies.


Adds Howell, “With Relationship and Marriage Education, you won’t get divorced over salad dressing!”


Written by Lucinda Loveland – Copyright (C) 2011 Healthy Relationships California

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