How 3 Women Treated Their Depression and Improved Their Marriage Too

Three women treated their depression that didn’t involve a doctor, therapy or drugs.  It was a Relationship Education class of all things.

The following women recently attended a Relationship Education class sponsored by Healthy Relationships California:

“Relationship Education helped me with my husband because I was seriously depressed before. When my husband would tell me something I would get very angry and yell. Before I was very jealous and we fought a lot and now I do not fight with him and we get along.” -Isabel

“Some things that you think or you thought you were doing well, you noticed that we are not always right, sometimes you are depressed and you didn’t notice that you are. Also, how to talk to teenagers is so difficult, how to control your emotions, how to work in a relationship with your husband. This helped me and I made changes, and became more patient.” -Paulina

“I’ve learned to have tolerance, patience, to listen, not to criticize or argue when one can have a dialogue. To change typical words of life. I usually always say I’m depressed. Now, I tell myself I’m distracted. And also, I’ve learned to smile at life no matter how many problems. I look up and say, this will pass, it’s just something that will pass and I learned not be afraid to say No. Thanks for the support and your teaching.” -Zulma

And these women are not alone. According to MIDUS (Midlife in the United States) – A National Study of Health & Well Being, “happily married adults report fewer depressive symptoms than all other marital groups. Separated and divorced adults report more depressive symptoms and more trips to a mental health professional than other unmarried groups.”

“Marital distress is an important health hazard for adults and children,” says William J. Doherty, PhD. “Marital distress leads to depression and reduces immune system functioning in adults. In addition, chronic marital conflict harms the emotional and physical well-being of children.”

Life circumstances, such as poor relationships, instability, and poor health can increase the likelihood of depression. Improve your relationship at the same time improve your inner happiness by attending a Relationship Education class.

Written by Lucinda Loveland – Copyright (C) 2011 Healthy Relationships California



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✓ Make a list of goals and current positives in your life

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