Father’s Day Highlights Importance of the Marital Relationship in Dad’s Involvement with His Kids


“The best predictor of father presence is marital status,” says a report from the Institute for American Values, explaining that when a father’s romantic relationship with his children’s mother ends, this often ends his involvement with the children as well. While having a relationship with both parents brings balance to children’s physical and emotional welfare, data from more than 100 studies point to the extremely important role fathers play in the lives of their children. In [...] Read more »

Couple Wins $1000 For Attending “Fun and Interesting” Communication Class

After six years of marriage, David and Elizabeth Thomas of Oak Hills, CA decided to pursue a better relationship. They attended PAIRS Essentials class at the Diocese of San Bernardino. Elizabeth states, “I learned a lot. The classes are well done with great information. We had a fun and interesting experience.” Upon graduating the class the Thomas’ completed the Outcome Evaluation survey and are Healthy Relationships California‘s latest drawing winners! They choose to receive $1000 [...] Read more »