Couple Learns to Stay Romantic Within Routine and a New Baby and Wins $1,000!

vilchez family

Emma Karina and Eduardo Vilchez have been married for 2 years and have one daughter, Leilani. At the encouragement of their pastor they signed up for a class held at West Coast Christian Tabernacle to “learn and be guided for solutions in (their) relationship and ways to have a healthy marriage.” Karin and Eduardo took Matrimonio de Clase Mundial (World Class Marriage) through AMOR de Orange County in Santa Ana, CA. When asked about their [...] Read more »

Congressman Wally Herger Honored for His Support of Relationship Education

Wally Herger

California Healthy Marriages Coalition and Yuba-Sutter Healthy Marriage Project honored Congressman Wally Herger for his support of Relationship Education and healthy families in a well-attended local event on Thursday, April 1, 2010. In addressing Congressman Herger, California Healthy Marriages Coalition President, Dennis Stoica, noted that “When public servants like yourself do work, they spend so much time reading bills, meeting with people, trying to make the right decisions, and often times must wonder, ‘Did we [...] Read more »

California’s Democrats and Republicans Surprisingly Agree on Marriage Issues

republican democrats

While California liberals and conservatives have spent two years on opposing sides of the marriage definition issue, a new analysis released by California Healthy Marriages Coalition (CHMC) reveals that Californians with differing political party affiliations overwhelmingly agree on a number of marriage and divorce-related issues. In an unprecedented in-depth study, The State of California’s Unions, commissioned by CHMC to determine views on marriage, divorce and marriage education across the state, four out of five respondents [...] Read more »

New Report Finds Californians Want More Marriage Support From the Faith Community


California Healthy Marriages Coalition (CHMC) released today unprecedented an in-depth study, The State of California’s Unions – In the Pews and the Public Square. This is the first-ever report that looks at Californians’ views on marriage and divorce matters and compares them based on their self-described levels of religious activity. Commissioned by CHMC, the report revealed findings that faith leaders may find alarming: 32% of “Regular” church-goers agree that “marriage is too risky” due to [...] Read more »