Our Vision & Mission


Dedicated and Passionate about Healthy Relationships

Life is all about relationships.

Healthy Relationships California (HRC) gives people the skills they need to get the most from and give the most to their relationships!

Relationship Skills are learned through Relationship and Marriage Education (RME) classes so people of all ages can make their relationships healthier, safer, and more meaningful and satisfying.

HRC is one of the nation’s preeminent  RME organizations, having taught over 125,000 people (married, single, divorced, widowed) of all ages (teenagers to seniors) in all parts of California.

HRC stands at the the forefront of cultural change. As a result of the thousands of RME classes, we have witnessed:

  • Couples ripping up their divorce papers!

  • Parents keeping their family together!

  • Teenagers learning to get along with their parents!

  • Women from abusive pasts starting a new pattern of healthy relationships!

  • Step parents overcoming the strain and tension of blending a family together!

Started in 2005, HRC has built partnerships with community-based organizations interested in offering Relationship and Marriage Education programs. Through trainings and collaborative strategies, RME classes have been offered in English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Hmong, and other languages.

HRC received the nation’s largest Healthy Marriage Demonstration Grant, a five-year grant provided by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services - Administration for Children and Families.

In 2011, HRC was awarded a three-year Community-Centered Healthy Marriage and Relationships grant to expand services into low-income populations by providing relationship skills programs as well as job/career services in partnership with One-Stop Career Centers around the state.

HRC’s original research data shows resoundingly positive impact on participants, and national studies reveal the outstanding return on investment from RME programs in preventing the need for costly social services resulting from family breakdown.

Healthy Relationships California is passionate about Relationship and Marriage Education as a highly-cost effective means for having widespread positive impact on the lives of Californians.

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Partial funding for this project was provided by the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Grant: 90FE0104. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families.